Please read before you will come to our Hachijojima island in Japan

I was really disappointed by all foreigners, who did not put on their masks, on Hachijojima island, Tokyo, Japan on August 20th, 2020. Actually, I do not want to write about COVID-19. However, I am a Ph. D. and have knowledges on COVID-19 pandemic. I am sufficient right to spread following information to all foreigners in Japan. 

I understand that all foreigners came from mainland Japan since Japanese government has not opened our gate toward foreign countries. 

Today, all foreigners, whom I saw, did not take their masks on Hachijojima island. Masks can not protect us because its pore size is much bigger than that of virus particle. However, it plays a role in effectively avoiding spread of virus particle from a person with a mask. 

Tourists just have stayed on our island for several days. But please consider as follows: 

If you were the virus-latent infected patient, you would look healthy at that time. You walked around various places and would probably meet with persons living in our island. After finishing your tour, you noticed that the symptom would be emerged in mainland Japan. You are lucky because you can take the perfect medical care. 

How about our island? We do not have any sufficient medical cares including only a few medical doctors and detection systems at scanty level. This means that virus sensitive person would become bronchitis and would be passed away surrounded with his/her crying family. 

I do not want to say to the tourists but I should say, “you are really selfish”. If there are no minds to take care of people living on our island, please do not come to our island.